Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Undead, Mounts, Reefer a Friend

It may be stereotypical for a priest and paladin to fight the Undead but i want to express one concern. Its to Frackin easy! As a paladin exorcism always Critically hits and any unwanted people Azurian shackles especially when you go do the quest to slay Dar'Khan Drathir one of the many people that sought to destroy the Sunwell all we had to do was just burn him. I think that blizzard might want to enforce the Recommended players descriptions in the quests because 2 people doing a 5 man quest doesn't seem right

Another thing on our minds. Mounts! yes those glorious things you ride around on at level 20 increasing your speed aside from Azurian complaining that he has to ride on a chicken and i get to ride on a golden plated blood knight steed. our quest to finaly obtain them is comming along nicely. You might wonder "Tydalas why would you guys have trouble getting 4 Gold up to buy your 2 mounds?" Well the dark side of Reefer a friend is you level to darn fast so you cant obtain any money to buy all your skills let alone your mount at level 20 so we are hopping that we can get them by 25. My advice to any new R.A.F. Newbies is if you can make a Death Knight or have a main on the server already send money to your toon's your leveling because your going to need it

Sunday, May 30, 2010

They Are Created

It begins my paladins journey as a noble soul fighting for the survival of our race as Magistrix Erona has told me. I am Tydalas a Blood Elf Paladin accompanied by my good friend (Azurian) a Priest of the same race as I we have sought adventure, solitude, but most importantly Vengeance on all who oppose us. eventually all this will come to us but in due time....... in due time.

This blog is about my paladin Tydalas i hope that the little section above is a good taste of what is to come this is not an RP blog nor theory crafting but just about what this noble soul and his Faithful friend Azurian will be getting into expect some helpful insight in to the paladin and maybe even priest class, and Tails of them to come on the Kil'Jaeden Server

You may be wondering on this date why we are level 12 (witch will surely change in the future) well there is a sad tail behind this. I was once a powerful Fury Warrior of the Alliance and Azurian a mighty Feral Druid also on the Alliance. Why would you Give it up you might ask well this is our answer Happiness. This Game is supposed to be about enjoyment not grief well our guild was going no where fast the raid leader tiered of posting raids because no one signs up so we tried to remedy this by encouraging people to sign up and helping people out well this we to no avail. Then the tiering of our class sense we just did the same thing over and over we began to think why do we need this we still have a recruit a friend bonus for 1 more month. so now we have deleted our other character's and rolled on another server leaving all of our power, might, and valor behind in search of a new guild destiny and most importantly fun.